Shravan Month

Shravan Month


Dear Devotees,


The month of Shravan holds immense significance in Sanatan Dharma as it is considered a sacred period dedicated to Lord Shiva. This auspicious month, usually falling between July and August, is filled with devotees fervently observing various rituals and practices to seek blessings and express their devotion to the divine. People fast, chant prayers, and offer special prayers to Lord Shiva, who is believed to be easily pleased during this time. The melodious chanting of 'Om Namah Shivaya resonates in temples and homes, creating an atmosphere of spirituality and devotion. Shravan month is seen as an opportunity to cleanse the mind, body, and soul, as devotees engage in acts of self-discipline, reflection, and acts of charity. It is believed that sincere prayers and offerings during Shravan can bring forth divine grace, protection, and fulfillment of wishes, making it a cherished and revered time for Shiva devotees across the world.

Performing Shiva Abhishekam, or the ritualistic bathing of Lord Shiva's idol, holds great significance during the auspicious month of Shravan, especially when conducted at home. The act of Abhishekam is considered a profound offering of reverence and devotion to Lord Shiva. It involves pouring sacred substances, such as water, milk, honey, curd, and ghee, over the Shiva Linga or idol, accompanied by the chanting of prayers and mantras.

During Shravan, the cosmic energy is said to be heightened, making it an opportune time to connect with the divine. Performing Shiva Abhishekam at home during this month is believed to bestow several blessings. It is said to purify the mind, body, and soul of the devotee, washing away impurities and negative energies. The act of Abhishekam is believed to invoke Lord Shiva's divine grace and blessings, promoting spiritual growth, inner peace, and harmony.

By offering these sacred substances to Lord Shiva, devotees seek His blessings for good health, prosperity, and the fulfillment of their desires. It is also seen as an act of surrender and gratitude towards the Supreme Being. The vibrations generated during the Abhishekam create a serene and spiritual atmosphere at home, further enhancing the devotee's connection with the divine.

Additionally, performing Shiva Abhishekam during Shravan month is believed to help overcome obstacles, dispel negative influences, and attain spiritual upliftment. It is an act of self-purification, symbolizing the devotee's willingness to surrender to the divine and seek Lord Shiva's guidance and protection.

conducting Shiva Abhishekam at home during Shravan month is a deeply sacred practice that allows devotees to deepen their devotion, receive divine blessings, and experience a profound spiritual connection with Lord Shiva.



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